Grunts for the Arts

Where it’s at…

Yes, we know. We’re where it’s at. But where’s the sports day at?
That’s what we’re about to tell you….

As you may have realised by now we’re going for the afternoon of the 26th May, on Hackney Marshes in East London from 2pm.

How to get there?

Well, find your way to your nearest tube station, make your way to the central line, and take a train to Leyton. Surface, and if you cross the road and walk about 200m or so to your right, then there’ll be a bus stop from where you can get a W15 bus towards Hackney Central.

How to find us

Sit on that for a bit, and you’ll want to get off at the first stop after the big roundabout that’s just after the Old Spitalfields market (NOT the Spitalfields market near Aldgate – end up near there and you’ve well wrong).

The bus stop you want looks a bit like this.

Where to get off

Get off, cross the road, enter the marshes, and we’ll be sort of straight ahead and a bit to the left.

Signing up for events will be possible from 1 o’clock and the action itself will begin at 2.

And as for the action…
Oh my gosh. What treats we have for you…

We have Oddegg and Spoon racing, Handbag Hurling, Durational Knitting, the Sports Day Dance-Off, the Butoh 400m, 15-legged races, Invisible Discus, the High Heel 100m, the Dadaist Decathlon, Gymnistakes, the game of Triball and Celebrity Sack racing.
All supported by Pottery Funding, and brought to you, with a smile, by those friendly grunting folk at Grunts for the Arts.

So what do we ask in return. Cos it’s true. You don’t get anything for nothing in this world.


We need you to bring your high heels to race in and handbags for hurling. We’re an artist’s collective after all, not a branch of bloody Top Shop.
We also need you to make your very best celebrity masks for the sack racing. Otherwise it’s just normal sack racing.

And what we really need, maybe more than the other stuff, which we need more than life itself so don’t think we’re letting you off the hoook, but what we really really need are Twister boards.
You know the game.
That funny right hand red, left foot green jape.

We want to put on the biggest game of Twister that the world has ever seen (in Hackney), and we need you to help. Bring along your boards, tell your friends about us, tell them to tell their friends to bring along their boards, come and find us at the signing-in tent on the day so that you can tell us that you have your friend’s friend’s board and we can plan things.

And then let’s play some bloody Twister!

See you then.


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