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The Real Trident Replacement Challenge
February 1, 2011, 12:18 pm
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With the descent of the Con Dem Coalition onto our fair isle, dark times again face the everyday people whom we have sworn to defend.

With the NHS under threat, the most shocking (and entirely false) anti-disability propaganda being peddled, and the particularly unpleasant stink of blame coming from somewhere over to the right, we couldn’t help but notice some small contributions that the powers that be could make in order to improve things for the quickly getting poorer people of the UK.

Even if we pass over the small matter of the £850 billion spent on the bailing out the banks to keep capitalism tottering in its death throes, and the billions of tax payments that aren’t collected each year, our keen grunting eye was unable to pass over the fact that the government are planning to spend £20 billion on funding a new cold war through their investment in the Trident Replacement Programme.

Which seems a bit daft to us.

And so, being the helpful souls that we are, we thought Trident could do with a rebrand, a makeover, a reinvention… and thus a new community arts project was born – The Real Trident Replacement Challenge!

A submarine, emerging from the water with the Grunts for the Arts logo emblazoned on the side

The future of the nuclear navy

With a hardcore team of activists, artists and wannabe nuclear scientists at the ready, the research stage of the project was undertaken as a part of the Chelsea Programme’s If Not, Then What? project at Chelsea College of Art & Design, before being implemented at the Just Art for a Change event as a part of the same programme, and finally moving onto the streets for the March for the Alternative on March 26th.

We had money-cleansing courtesy of Calum F Kerr, inspirational sloganeering and magnificent banner work from Charlie Fox and Hannah Hull, a post-nuclear Shakespearean mermaid from Sally Starborg, all manner of interventionist thought as a part of Daytritis’ Unstrident Project and (here’s the science), a rather clever equation from Paul Reader (reproduced in all it’s magnificence below).

We’re not entirely sure what we’ve done to deserve it, but we’re truly blessed.

Thank you to all involved.

The Photos

A group of three people sit, looking thoughtful.

Hands that inspire thought (Photo: Cecilia Wee)

A woman holds up a postcard on which is written 'Nuclear is the new Neon'

From small postcards do great banners grow… (Photo: Cecilia Wee)

A small barbecue is alight next to a picnic blanket where two women are drawing

Sausages and plutonium (Photo: Charlie Fox)

Calum F Kerr - Filthy Lucre

Calum F Kerr – Filthy Lucre (Photo: Tim Jeeves)

The Real Trident Replacement Challenge prepares to begin the March for the Alternative

Mobile money cleansing and banners! (Photo: Charlie Fox)

A group of people, holding up banners, at the March for the Alternative

Banners and smiles – what else do you need? (apart from a free NHS and welfare state) (Photo: Tim Jeeves)

A complicated mathematical equation suggesting that nuclear submarines can be used to sustain life rather than destroy it

Paul Reader – The Trident Zero Sum formula