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Artists Sports Day 2: The Re-run
September 9, 2007, 4:13 pm
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So Sports Day had been, gone and impressed all with its decidedly sodden but resoundingly successful attempts at artistic retraining.

Anticipating the summer that has been that of 2007, we bided our time, we kept our heads low, we couldn’t be bothered to think of anything dramatically new, and then, following the dampest, most miserable summer of the last three or four, we sprang forth and indulged in our favourite pastime on the last warm and sunshiney day of the year – September 15th.

Not wanting to be Londoncentric – the effects of the cuts (and therefore the need for retraining) can be found in the whole of the country – we had at first wanted to go elsewhere in our green and pleasant land but, since logistically this proved too difficult, we thought we’d make a compromise and have our second outing in South London.

Which we did.

Once again, below are some photos for your perusal, below that is (or soon will be) a list of winners, and there may even be some video documentation coming your way if you’re lucky!

So, without further ado – on with the documentation!

The Events

The Conceiving of the Concepts in the Conceptual Leap The Leaping of the Leaps in the Conceptual Leap The Dog Wrassling Champion of South London
The next generation pays attention… A demonstration for the nation Dry Land Synchronised swimming
The Widdecombes make ready Celebrity Sack Racing A finish that’s in a photo yet is not a photo finish
The warm-up for the 20×2m relay One of the umpires The competitors of the 20×2m Relay in action
The Handbag Ritual Ms XL (Because in the future all artists will be spreadsheets) hurls a handbag The Tour de Parc Cocktail Race
Doughnuts More doughnuts The Fifteen Legged Race

The Awards

Diogenes and Not Very Jowly Tess The youngest and the oldest of the Grunters

(All photos: Dominic Howe)


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